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Automated Scoring of Duplicate Bridge Events

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This site describes a new technology-based approach for the scoring of duplicate bridge events played at duplicate bridge clubs.  It is referred to as Automated Scoring.

Automated Scoring objectives:

  • Prevent errors and ensure the accuracy of results
  • Make results available quickly
  • Provide players with comprehensive scoring information
  • Relieve the Director of routine tasks
  • Enable the production of cumulative statistical data (e.g. leaders' logs)

Our philosophy

Bridge players should not have to wait for results after the end of an event. Provisional results should become available as soon as the last hand had been played.

The result of every hand played should be recorded by one of the players at the bridge table. That player should be guided through the recording process to prevent the introduction of errors. There should be feedback to satisfy the other players at that table that the correct result had been recorded.

The Bridge table should remain "wireless".

The Director should not be required to register players or collect data and process results.

A computer should be used for data processing and to present information in a format and time frame that is of value to bridge players.

The computer user should be presented with a single integrated system with a sensible graphical user interface.

A database should be used to safeguard the data and to enhance the value of derived information.

The system should provide maximum (bridge) functionality.


Current status

We constructed an automated scoring system based on the above design criteria and put it to the test over a period of 15 months at the Bridge Centre in Pretoria, South Africa. These pages contain a description of the system and of the test results.

Terminals cost about $100 each to produce.  The accompanying database and software are available free of charge on condition that a per-player based usage fee would be charged.

It is not clear whether there is a potential market for this kind of system. We would appreciate your feedback.

Implementation requirements

It seems that not every bridge club would be able to successfully implement automated scoring. In our experience the following criteria provide some guidelines.

To implement automated scoring, a Bridge Centre/Club should:

  • Regularly host 50 or more bridge tables per week
  • Have 'competitive' rather than 'social' bridge players
  • Have a suitable personal computer, printer and internet access for publication of results
  • Have bridge players that are willing to pay extra for accurate and detailed results
  • Be willing to pay for the required hardware


The people behind this initiative

 George Mijne


 Hans Lombard




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